The BIOPTRON devices have an innovative technology and are designed to be user-friendly for everyone.

Differing only in size and design, all three devices have the same physical light characteristics























Photo Medicine

Award winning patented technology

For medical / healthcare practitioners and home therapy treatment

Drug Free Relief

Light Therapy UK was created by International Training Consultant and specialist in photo therapy, Steven Warren, to educate both healthcare practitioners as well as members of the general public and Steven has appeared before audiences of doctors and the general public in over thirty countries worldwide.



Terminology - Training

Drug Free Pain Relief through PhotoMedicine, often termed photo therapy, is a paradigm shift in modern medicine for in addition to drugs and surgery doctors around the world are now using photo therapy to help the body's cells to heal themselves.


Training Programmes

Under Steven Warren's direction Light Therapy UK sells award winning, patented Photo Medicine technology.

From home therapy systems for use by private individuals in the comfort of their own home to hospital systems for use by healthcare professionals here on this website you can learn about the basis of photo therapy and how it can help treat conditions from acute and chronic back pain, skin conditions such as acne and excema to general cosmetic applications such as fine lines.

WOUND HEALING - Postoperative wound care (4) - Post Injury wound care (5) - Burns (5,6) - Pressure sores (decubitus) (7) - Leg Ulcers (8)

PAIN RELIEF - Rheumatology - Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid arthritis (9) - Physiotherapy - Musculoskeletal injuries (10) - Shoulder, neck & lower back problems (10) - Carpal tunnel syndrome (11)

SPORTS MEDICINE - Tennis elbow (12) - Tendonitis - Muscle tears

DERMATOLOGICAL CONDITIONS - Acne - Atopic dermatitis - Psoriasis - Superficial bacterial infections - Herpes simplex & zoster - Mucosal lesions

PAEDIATRICS Dermal skin conditions - Psoriasis - Endogenous eczema - Musculoskeletal disorders

SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDERS (S.A.D.) Chronic fatigue syndrome - Hypersomnia - Lowered motivation - Aesthetic conditions

Presentation by Steven Warren of his treatment of leg ulceration - please be advised that this presentation contains GRAPHIC IMAGES - Viewer Discretion Advised. YES I AGREE OPEN PRESENTATION

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